About us​​

EnvironmentalReports, Inc. is empowering the next generation of EH&S businesses and professionals by blending a platform that is user-friendly consisting of instruction, inspection, reporting, and analytic modules supported by the internet of industry experts.

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Born from Need

Shared by Request

Refined by Use

Environmental Reports was born out of necessity. We needed a way to efficiently collect and analyze environmental data from sites across the country. While large, expensive data solutions were available, there wasn’t anything out there that combined easy mobile data collection, simple form creation, and quick, but precise, analysis. So we created it for ourselves and built-in enough flexibility to adapt to whatever projects might come up in the future.

Our Customers

Our Leadership

Our leadership team is superior with an excellent combination of technical and domain experience needed to realize our vision. We have over 70 years of combined talent in the environmental compliance and software development space.

Founder & CEO Justin Mastykarz
CTO Michael McIntyre